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Lindsay Drake

Musician, storyteller, creative

Hey there, I’m Lindsay Drake, an alternative pop artist based in Atlanta. You might know me for my strong vocals, punchy lyrics, and captivating stage presence. But let me tell you, the journey to where I am today has been anything but smooth.


Imagine this: I’m on the road for my dream gig in LA, eagerly anticipating the chance to share the stage with my musical idol – when a sudden and jolting bus crash shook my very foundation. Despite years of recovery, I held tightly to music as my lifeline, and found the resilience to rise again, transforming adversity into inspiration for my music along the way.


My work delves into themes of recovery, resilience, and reflection, marked by depth, emotion, and unwavering determination. Whether I’m crafting poetic lyrics over piano compositions or pouring my heart into soulful vocals, my aim remains steadfast – to lead listeners through life’s twists and turns, transforming pain into powerful art, and reminding them that they aren't alone.

Beyond my solo endeavors, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with remarkable artists and venues. From starring as a featured vocalist with Grammy nominees to commanding the spotlight at iconic Southern venues, I’ve been privileged to share my music with a diverse array of audiences.

If you’re drawn to the catchy songwriting of Carole King, the sweet honey voice of Alison Krauss and the alternative edge of Tori Amos, then my music is sure to resonate with you.

So, hit play and buckle up – thank you for embarking on this journey with me! 

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