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About Lindsay Drake

Lindsay Drake

Lindsay Drake is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist born in the early 90’s in Atlanta, GA. Before the age of 5, Drake became fascinated by the family’s piano, despite the fact that she was barely tall enough to reach the keys. “My family would find me at the piano, lost in a musically created fairy-tale story being reflected in the music that I was playing. Most ears heard only random banging and goofing around. For me, I was creating a magical story enhanced with a melodic masterpiece on the keys.”

Combined with Drake’s love for music and her mother being a trained classical pianist, it was logical that when she reached age 7, she would begin to study piano from a professional. Although piano was one of her first loves, reading music from a page wasn't. She preferred to rely on her ear, exacerbating her instructor and ultimately resulting in phasing out of her formal piano training.

With the end of piano training, Drake was sparked to pursue a new passion: singing. At the age of 12, Drake began taking voice lessons with a well renowned vocal coach in the Atlanta area. After a couple years of teaching, Drake was landing lead-role after lead-role in musicals in her high school and community theater. However, Drake had a strong desire to explore her vocal ability beyond musical theater—so she began studying classical voice, jazz, and alternative rock.

In 2009, Drake attended Belmont University for Commercial Voice, where she was required to take a piano-composition course. After years of being away from the piano, this course seemed daunting at first. However, it rekindled Drake’s love for the keys and jump-started her musical writing career.

In 2011, Drake transferred to the University of Georgia, where she studied Anthropology and Public Health. With a desire to continue to fuel her musical passion while attending UGA, she joined UGA Noteworthy, an all-women's A Cappella group. With bi-weekly rehearsals, performances, and intense studying, Drake still carved out time to write and play her music.

As her original repertoire developed, Drake performed in local bars and other venues in the Athens and Atlanta area. Her original work consists of a mixture of pop, R&B, alternative rock, and indie—all with a strong vocal influence.

Today, Drake resides in Georgia and continues to perform her original material around the Atlanta area. Her energetic and charismatic personality, along with her unique and complex vocal range, poetic and fiercely bold lyrics, and emotionally charged songs are bound to leave you feeling charmed, electrified, and eager to hear more.

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